Gidgee Sticks Carbon Fibre Arrow Shafts

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Building an arrow with a high FOC(Foward of Centre) can greatly assist with arrow penetration and down stream arrow flight.  Having the weight in the front of the arrow, means that the shaft is pulled through both the target and the air from the front rather than the rear of the shaft.  When the arrow strikes the target, the inertia of the weight forward pulling the shaft through the target equates to minimal flex of the shaft as it enters, this will aid increasing arrow penetration.   When an arrow has a lower FOC, ie lighter Inserts and Broadheads etc, the weight of the arrow shaft itself is what pushes the Broadhead through the target, This pushing action can cause more flex in the arrow. This extra flex in the arrow when it strikes the target, can increase the resistance because the arrow being bent out of shape, which in turn can reduce your penetration.  In some cases, reduced penetration can greatly reduce your chances of recovering your Target Animal.
Gidgee Sticks Carbon Fibre Arrow Shafts
4.2mm Inner Diameter
O.D Ranges from 6.0mm - 6.5mm
Spine Range 250, 300, 350, 400

Arrow Usage Warning

Never Fire a Damaged Arrow from your Bow.

Inspect your carbon fibre arrows after each and every shot.

  • Inspect your Nock to ensure it not broken - if nock is damaged replace it (do not shoot it)
  • Inspect shaft for any splinters, or pieces broken off by being struck by another shaft
  • Flex the shaft, look for any cracks and listen for any cracking sounds, if cracking sounds or splits are evident dispose of the shaft- do not shoot it.

Never Fire a Damaged Arrow from your Bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you are shooting an arrow heavier than the minimum required arrow weight for your bow.  General consensus is a minimum  5gn of arrow weight per pound of Bow Draw Weight.

Gidgee Sticks Bowhunting and Archery Supplies does not condone the shooting of any Native Australian Fauna, it is also ilegal to do so. Please use our products responsibly.

Before going on a hunting trip, make sure you have researched the anatomy of the animal you are hunting.

Only take shots that will provide a clean ethical kill. 

Only Shoot from a range that is within both yours and your Bow's Ability to provide a consistant shot, with the required penetration for a clean ethical kill.

For the best performance please ensure your bow is in tune.

A propertly tuned bow will give the best performance and penetration from any arrow, especially when shooting broadheads.